29 October 2007

I won the Lottery!

Just discovered today that I´m the lucky winner of Sia´s goodiebag. Take a look
here at the drawing and at my sweet prize. Thank you so much Sia - and Floris for breaking my bad lottery spell - last time I won something in a lottery I was 7 years old and won a can of canned peaches - I cried the whole afternoon afterward because I was so disappointed and wanted one of the teddybears instead. This goodiebag finally makes up for it :) Sia´s great blog, siagrafica made it to the Top 10 new design blogs to watch organized by laissezfaire recently - which is why she made this goodiebag for one of her readers.

26 October 2007

Delicate Mobiles

Seem like delicate DIY mobiles is the next big thing - and there are so many great examples around the web right now, like the top one by Puka, this one from Karin in ceramics, the wooden one from Boohou and the bottom one by Debi Van Zyl. Making a mobile could be a fun weekend project - have a great weekend. Just saw this mobile by Lisa Congdon for their Rare Device Opening - and not to forget these paper mobiles by Frazier&Wing.

25 October 2007

A great line of tees

Just saw a post today at Snowflakes + cupcakes about the US Boarding for Breast Cancer Campaign - and just had to show some of the hip products and tees, designed by e.g. Paul Frank, Billabong and Nixon to support the cause - you can see them all here.

Designer Sans Frontières

While drinking my coffee this morning I was reading this article - about me! I´m this weeks inspiring person in Alt For Damerne - one of the biggest magazines in DK - and it´s a full-page picture!- where I look a little tired... - and as you can see it´s about the breast cancer design - and about how I started my business 2 years ago. The title is Designer Sans Frontières - because I talk about how important it is to me to have time and money to make projects like this - and being an idealist - and saying that if there was an organisation like Médecins Sans Frontières for designers - I would have joined it already. I´ll translate the full article in English later - but now I have to work - so go out there and get your own copy! My cup is from Seletti´s Estetico Quotidiano collection.

24 October 2007

Organized Collection - Gold Shoes

My friend pointed out the other day that we have quite a collection of gold shoes in our house - and I guess she is right - so here´s my contribution to Camilla´s Organized Collection Pool at Flickr - but I could only find one Barbie shoe this morning - can you see it? I once read that Gwyneth Paltrow said the best way to spot if a man is in a relationship is by looking at his shoes - if he wore nice shoes - he wasn´t single! I tried to test it - and it´s seems like she has got a point. What do you collect?

23 October 2007

Crafts market in Aarhus

This weekend there´s a big Crafts Market in Aarhus, with lots of great crafters. I went there last year and got this vase from Fabula - but what I really really would have liked was one of these vases by Sandra Davolio - because for a person like me who adores anything in the shape of "from under the sea" - they are hard to resist - don´t you think?

22 October 2007

Jeu de Paume

The highlights of this weekend was lots of free "White Lady" drinks friday night - and lots of reading on sunday, in my sisters new Jeu De Paume book - Childrens Rooms in Stockholm -which I immediately snatched. I surfed their website this morning and now I want to study them all - take a look - there´s tons of inspiration and eye candy on the site. By reading I mean looking because they are written in Japanese...
I´m also reading all 3 books by Stieg Larsson in a row - so please don´t call or disturb me at night - and when they get translated in English make sure to read them - they are sooo great.

20 October 2007

Family Calender

After I had written the post about the calenders I came to think of this calender, which I designed some months ago - as part of the Breast Cancer Awareness product line. It´s a family wall calender where I played a lot with my pattern - and it felt a bit like a school project, Make a pattern and the make 12 variants out of it. The calenders are for sale in this webshop and in one of these shops in DK. I think it´s a great Christmas Gift!

18 October 2007

Calenders 2008

Diana Fayt´s new 2008 calender is for sale now - and it looks just as great as the last pictured here below - which I missed.

Instead I got a letterpress calender from Ilee - a rich mix of old school letterpress, silkscreen, foil stamping, fine papers and handpainted accents - it´s so beautiful, and she has a new 2008 calender for sale in her Etsy shop now - see picture below.

17 October 2007


When you have a 3,5 - year old daugther who wants to dress like a ballerina/princess all the time - a video like this new one from Dove kind of gets to you. I just wish that Dove wasn´t the company behind it - I would have loved it more if it was from a company selling a better product - like Jurlique - which just got a new look by the way. Someone actually made this video as a comment - make sure to watch it too.

Well - Nanna & I dance a lot of ballet in the kitchen these days and watch a lot of balletvideos on Youtube - and yesterday I saw this ballerina above that made me look twice - try it here - If she turns clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa. Most would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction. First she turned anti-clockwise and after some minutes I managed to make her change direction. Seen here. Sorry but I still can´t post directly from Youtube.

15 October 2007

A soft spot

I have a soft spot for pictures like these.
1. Dance shoes For the Father and the Daugter - by Company

12 October 2007

Reap what You have Sown

Well here´s a little photoshop collage I just did today, meant for a client - and if she reads my blog she will see it here first! Maybe not the best way to do things - but sometimes things just happend and I end up making an asian spring inspired collage with a bird and cherry blossoms - instead of an illustration inspired by the autumn holiday here in DK next week, which I intended to do. This holiday used to be called POTATO Holiday, because all school children had to stay home and help to gather the potatoes. .. Well in our household we don´t have school children yet nor potatoes nor a weeks holiday - but I´m sure we will have a great weekend - and I wish you one too.

11 October 2007

Bo Bedre Bedrooms

The Danish Interior magazine Bo Bedre - is one of my favorite magazines and the good news is that they have just started do show part of the magazine on their website -so take a look at the latest number . I would love if all magazines started to do this - and in this case it also made me go down and buy this issue - because I could see that there´s was so much great stuff in it. I plan to re-vamp our bedroom soon and liked these ideas above. The pink stickers are from Base 212.

09 October 2007

Living with stones

I love collecting stones - and here are some that I would love to add to my collection.
Handpainted stones from the blog Julia likes - seen at Bloesem.
Plus a big pile of Livingstones - just like my friend have in their living room. They look and feel so great and it´s hard not to play around with them for adults too - I pretended I was Pippi last time - levering a giant stone .)

08 October 2007

Spreading the message...

I´ve been to the post office this afternoon and the T-shirts are all sent now - so my office no longer looks like a mix between a post office and a T-shirt shop - and I´ve learnt how time consuming it is to handle postal orders! My Breast Cancer Pattern has also made it to the frontpage of EU Jacksonville in Florida - it´s so great that my blog-readers help spreading this message.

Competition time...

It seems like October is competition time here in Blog-land - just thought I would draw your attention to the following in case you hadn´t noticed. I love competitions because having a deadline with craft-projects is quite helpfull for me in order to take time out to for crafty projects.
Gallery Contest by Illustration Friday
MonsterMash by Penelope Illustration
Holiday Softies Award - by Softies Central
and this week Fruens Werk is inviting you to join her Shape Your Own Week.

05 October 2007

Paper-love and Friday Fun

I just discovered this wonderful onlineshop, The Paper Studio, a fine art shop run by artists who are paper fanatics! Among other things they have the most amazing collection of Japanese papers - called Chiyogami Paper, Yuzen Paper and Washi Paper. They are all little pieces of art - and you can see here how it takes six silkscreen runs to print the designs on a sheet of paper - Amazing!

Another great find is this Dutch site Mijn Moodboard that Decor8 just wrote about. It´s in Dutch but if you enter your email address to the right, check the box, and click login - that will take you where you need to be to create your very own inspiration board. All images are there - so you don´t need any fancy design programs to be creative here - just a good amount of time because it´s a great tool and very addictive... Just made this - to match the papers above and to wish you a great and cosy October weekend.

04 October 2007

More Patterns

I recently updated my website with these patterns - they are based on this illustration, and I thought they would be perfect for kid´s clothing.

This one I´ve named See-vitamins

And this one is called "Gule Rødder" - or A Carrot a Day...

I really enjoy doing these patterns - and I´m curious to know what you think. Would you buy something like this for a kid? Please share your opinion!

03 October 2007

Snail in the mail

Here´s another good reason why I love Etsy - this print by Small Stump is on the way by snailmail to me...
It´s called Slowly across the forest floor and I found it via Poppytalk Handmade.

T-shirts Sold Out

The T-shirts are sold out here in my little shop - but if you´ve placed an order before today - you´ll be fine - and hear from me soon. It makes me so happy to know that these t-shirts will soon be walking, running or dancing in places like Australia, USA and Singapore ... thank you.
P:S the T-shirts were not produced in black - this is just my file for the client, showing how the pattern could be used.

02 October 2007

So-Sage Garlands

Ever since I discovered these paper garlands by SoSage this summer I´ve been hoping to get some time to make my own! Now SoSage has just started a new blog devoted to their garlands - it´s pure handmade eyecandy and great colour combinations. They also have a Etsy shop - and I guess I´ll end up buying one there instead of making my own versions... due to so many project- and so little time...

Harvest Time

I found Sarah Parrot´s delicate Gocco prints - via Poppytalk´s new Poppytalk Handmade - a monthly online street market to showcase, buy and sell handmade goods of emerging design talent from around the world. Make sure to check it out - and bring your vallet and a cup of hot coffee - there´s so much great stuff to see and buy.