29 January 2010

Working from home

I´ve been working from home the last couple of days - and enjoy my view from the dinner table and the company of my little creative assistent now and then... she is already quite clever when it comes to working in Illustrator - but also a little messy and she talks a lot - so next week I´ll be back in my studio.

If you look at the second photo you can see the artwork I posted about here - we got it as a wedding present this summer - love it.

I´m going to Copenhagen on saturday to meet up with a lot of Danish bloggers - and I´m sooooo looking forward to this.


Unknown said...

Gud, hvor er du god til at indrette dig helt igennem fantastisk!
Og du er vist ikke den eneste der glæder sig som en lille nisse til jul!

i♥sisterbrandt said...

· { hvor hvad det er da helt gået over hovedet på mig ;-)))) } ·

Sidsel_._ said...

Sabine --det var et privat arrangement - der ikke har været opslået nogle steder - that´s why!

Juliet said...

I love an uncluttered space, and that window sill with the blue light outside and golden light inside is so lovely!