24 November 2008

Our little Christmas Market

It´s been quiet on my blog which means that I´ve been busy IRL. Busy making posters and invitations for our little Christmas Market in our studio - and you´re more than welcome!
Busy making a studio blog - about what goes on in & outside our studio - you can read it in Danish here. And busy making a facebook group about the the same subject - which you can join here.

And busy designing logo´s and Christmas cards, and busy trying to develop my little design studio, busy cleaning after we had a new wall put up in the studio, busy decorating for Christmas at home since Nanna couldn´t wait any longer - and busy getting all my projects ready before the 17.th of december where we are off for a long and warm holiday in Malaysia and Thailand full of rest!

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Anonymous said...

I am looking for great bloggers like yourself to contribute to a new Travel blog that is coming out in January that goes with the online travel magazine Truant. Let me know if you were ever interested.