22 February 2010

Welcome to my new blog!

My new blog is up and running - please head over to it for much bigger pictures - more space- and rss-feed - and please change your subscription and links to the new blog since this old blog will not be up-dated anymore. I will also start to send out newsletters with the best from the blog - and much more inspiration on varoius subjects - it will be in Danish primarily - but with links and photos that everyone can "read" - and the blog post will remain in English due to the high number of international readers. Just sign up for the newsletter with your name and email adress.


Fr.Jona&son said...

heja, what a nice new blog.
but the old one was nice and inspiring, too. :-)

best wishes for you from sonja

Malin said...

Great blog! I linked to you from my blog if that is OK.I just started my blogging so I hope for some new cool stuff to put in there!

Sidsel_._ said...

Hi malin - yoré very welcome to link to my blog - but please link to my new blog sínce this old blog will not be updated anymore.
The new blog is here

Ina Estrella said...

What a beautyfull blog. Best regards wandtattoo and wall stickers

sine said...

Tak for dit kig forbi min blog og kommentar til dilemmet. Jeg så jer godt i Boligliv og har her i forskellige blogs stødt på jer flere gange.
Super fin denne blog - du røg straks på google reader. hilsen sine