21 November 2007

Winter Must Have

The silk scarf and the 2008 pocket calender, with the Poppy-pattern I designed for the Danish Cancer Society, is now for sale in their webshop. Since this was my first fashion design - designed almost a year ago - I´ve been very curious to see how the colours would match what´s actually in the shops now - and I´m very happy and relieved to see that the print fits in perfectly - and I put together some outfits from this season, all from the YouHeShe webshop just to prove it! The book in the picture is by Elsa Beskow, and was one of my favorites as a child - and I´ve just started to read it for my daughter now - is it translated to English?
If you would like to own one of these Must Have scarfes - and can´t work out the webshop in Danish, send me an email or leave a comment and I´ll help you out.
100 % Silk, 68 x 68 cm, 129 kr.- or $ 25 + shipping.

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Anonymous said...

I love some of the patterns and prints you have highlighted.