30 November 2007

Søren Behncke

I don´t expect to get any Christmas presents this year - it´s a part of the deal when we go away for Christmas. But if someone really really wants to give me something, then this painting by Søren Behncke, is on top of my wishlist. The artist, Søren Behncke has within few years won great appreciation as an original artist taking streetart into new dimensions. He is presented by, Charlotte Fogh Contemporary, a gallery located in the same former chocolate factory as my studio. Right now she has a great show Coupling, presenting HuskMitNavn, Søren Behncke, Jan Danebod, Armsrock (DK/D), Jacob Tækker, Kyle Mock (USA). And from tomorrow she will have an Art advent calender on her website, presenting a new artist everyday - so check it out.!
If you live in Århus, I recommend a visit to her gallery + a visit to The Room Project by Anette Merrild, at Aarhus Kunstbygning, also blogged about here.

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